This October will be the 50th year of the Octoberfest.  ql7yy984nr019c000bp61l5qgks.jpg

50th Anniversary Octoberfest Information


Thanks to everyone who volunteered, contributed and/or attended this year’s event, especially the Octoberfest Committee members, the set-up and teardown workers, and many others who worked the entire four days or pitched-in whenever and wherever needed. The weather was picture perfect and the new midway rides were spectacular – lots of great comments and smiling, happy faces. Our ride revenue was $123,000 (of which we keep 35%), a whopping $25,000 increase over last year.


Our parish activities - the Munich Room Beer Tent, Parish Food Booth and Parking took in $20,200, about the same as last year.


Congratulation to our raffle winners: Suzette Bertalli ($2,500), Rob Bridger ($1,000) and Frank & Karen Hudak ($500). All are parishioners, which is always great.  Raffle revenue was $13,700, which was down somewhat, we think due to the extra appeal for the Adoration Chapel. Thanks to everyone who bought and sold tickets. Father Bill will report on the Octoberfest Sponsorship/Adoration Chapel appeal later, as contributions continue to be received. Your response so far has been extraordinarily generous.


Our Parish Ride Ticket Fund took in $1,340, and we were able to give many children the opportunity to enjoy the rides who otherwise would have missed-out. Family Renew Community received tickets valued at $1,000. Parish families, social service/food pantry clients, and foster children at an African-American church in Daytona Beach were given tickets valued at $1,000. Thanks to all who contributed.


There were no incidents, accidents or complaints – just a beautiful, fun-filled weekend for our friends and neighbors in Ormond Beach.


Ronald E. Nowviskie