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Welcome to our Online Retreat Platform where you can experience the grace of God wherever and whenever you are!

Our Online Retreat "You Will Not Leave Us Orphans" took place May 15-17, 2020 as a response to the Lockdown measures to ensure that grace was not missing in the lives of those in need.

Click Here to go to our Retreat Page and view all those videos and talks!




Click HERE to go to the Retreat Page and view all those videos and talks!

Is your spiritual life in need of renewal?
In 2020, Lent started us into what feels like a year long Lent that we never fully got out of. With sickness looming, fears growing, uncertainty abounding, and when the churches closed, we put together an Online Retreat that was viewed by hundreds of people. We have decided to try again to even perhaps get thousands!
Join us for our Online Retreat: You Raise Me Up. In this retreat, which you can watch as the videos open live or view on your own time later on, you will hear from witnesses who struggled with very difficult life circumstances and yet came out with their faith in God intact and a knowledge of the presence of the Almighty in their lives like never before. You will hear inspirational speakers helping you to forge ahead through this Lent and finally feel and experience Easter like we are meant to, joyful and triumphant. Christ is victorious over sin, death and all disease and He wants to give us new hope if only we would open up our hearts to receive Him.
Do you want new hope? New joy? Lasting peace? Join us as we move through the desert of Lent, up to Calvary, into the Tomb and upward towards the Kingdom of Heaven.