Charismatic Prayer

Be still and knowl5bbxheckolaw5spiilbhu87s3s.jpg
that I am God

Devoted to the Loving Power expressed in the Gifts of Pentecost, we praise God in song, scripture, and the healing power of the Holy Spirit.

We have a Bible teaching the 1st Monday of the month, Adoration, the 1st Friday, and Intercessory Mass on the 2nd Thursday at the 7pm Mass.

If you enjoyed Father Francis' Mission, it is similar with devotion to the Blessed Trinity and love of neighbor. It has been at Prince of Peace for many years. As Jesus said to his Disciples, "Come and See". You may contact Rita Gallimore at 882-7902 or Sr. Marie Tougas at 677-4476.

Or just come. You will be warmly received!