St. Monica Prayer Group

Join us the Fourth Thursday of every month
at 5:15 pm until 6:15 pm
in the Church Chapel

Saint Monica
(Patron Saint of Wives and Mothers)
" It is not possible that the son of so many tears should perish ."rt1ak3x2pse6wazrjxj5dfvxeps.png
Saint Monica, pray for our children and those that love them.
As parents, we are all concerned for our children, especially given the culture we live in. They are bombarded daily via the internet, TV and media, with ideas contrary to Catholic teaching. It is very difficult for them to "swim against the current" - but as Mary has reminded us many times, there is a sure and simple way we can help them - "pray, my children, pray..." 
St. We pray....Monica, by your persistent prayer and copious tears, you were able to obtain the conversion of your son St. Augustine. We humbly ask you to pray for the souls of all of our children, and for the children who have no one to pray for them. And we ask for ourselves the grace to persevere in prayer, never giving up - even when it seems hopeless. You were once told that "it is not possible for the son of so many tears to perish." We thank you for your example of love and sacrifice, and like you, may we always trust in Jesus' Divine Mercy, knowing in our hearts that our tears too will be heard.