Mission Statement

We, the Catholic Community of Prince of Peace, believe that we are called to worship and share together. As the people of God, we come together to share the Eucharist and other sacraments. We invite and encourage all to participate in these celebrations and, having been nourished and strengthened, to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ through word and action. We believe that we are a community of faith, disciples of Jesus Christ, called to renew ourselves continuously in this faith. We recognize that prayer and worship, lifelong education, love and reconciliation are essential to this renewal. 

We believe that we are gifted with many diverse talents. All are called to respond to the changing needs of our community and society. We will utilize our talents to their greatest potential in the service and work of God, through prayer, action, outreach, hospitality, stewardship, and by providing resources and opportunities to the fullest extent possible. All talents are welcome and valued. In this holy year, we pledge a year of spiritual renewal, a year in which to grow closer to Jesus Christ personally, and a year to be filled with the abundant love of God and for God, of generous love toward all. By the grace of God, the example of Jesus Christ and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we dedicate ourselves to accomplish our mission within and beyond our Prince of Peace Parish community.

Authors: Fr. Thomas P. McMackin, Pastor, and Rose Schuhmacher, Parish Council Chairman 

Authored on: 1/20/2000