MOMS Ministry





This is a community-based peer ministry that has reached over 500,000 women and their families in over 100 dioceses since 1992.  Using the book MOMS: A Personal Journal, each of the eight sessions covers one of the following topics:  Self-Esteem and Self Acceptance   Stress, Worries and Anxiety   Everyday Spirituality   Feelings   Personal Goal Setting   Expressing Values in Friendship   Discernment of Gifts   Celebration of New Beginnings      During the past 7 years, Prince of Peace has sponsored seven sessions and has received a positive response from its participants... "It means so much to be able to talk to other mothers who understand."  "I come to church on Sunday now and I recognize people from MOMS.  It has given me a real feeling of belonging." " It (MOMS) has given me a better understanding of my value as a mother and my motherhood as a ministry."     We invite you, regardless of age or life stage, to come and share in this beautiful program.  Come learn, come share, come grow!  

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