50 Years of History

2000 Years of Tradition

An Eternity of Divine Mercy

50 years of history as a parish is a significant benchmark well worth celebrating. 2000 years of Catholic Tradition is a blessing that one fails to grasp even within the fullest comprehension of human undersanding and wisdom.

But an eternity of Divine Mercy, that certainly is not a benchmark of any sort and to call it a blessing is an understatement of epic proportions.  an eternity of Divine Mercy is our heritage in God's creative love our joy and God's ubiquitous love and our hope in God's steadfast love. This is amazing sorry on the seemingly limitless expanse of human imagination which itself travels far beyond the place where human knowledge understanding and wisdom reached their limits. Yes even the imagination is beggared by the the amazing reality of the Eternal Divine wisdom which is one expression of the Eternal Divine love. Prince of Peace Catholic Church was founded in 1966 the year  I graduated from high school. in my life that was a long time ago. In the life of the Catholic Church it is barely a blip on the screen. The 50 years since 1966 are pretty much my whole life where as they are just the beginning of the life of this Parish.



Your Fr. Bill Zamborsky (previous Pastor).