Family RENEW Community

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Family Renew Community is a private, non-profit agency that provides transitional housing to families with children that have encountered difficult times and are in crisis. The program is designed to help families who want to help themselves. Family Renew Community has 15 apartments for two-parent families at 810 Ridgewood Avenue in Holly Hill and 9 apartments for single-parent families at 105 South Street in Daytona Beach.

Each year, Family Renew Community provides over 20,000 days of housing to parents and their children who may otherwise be without homes. Its staff and volunteers help these parents learn budgeting, nutrition and practical parenting, while allowing the parents an opportunity to save toward permanent housing and to reorder thwir priorities and lives while living in cost-free temporary housing.

Formed in 1989 when Catholic, Protestant and Jewish leaders met to form an alliance to deal with the growing number of families with children without housing, Family Renew Community continues to receive the annual sponsorship of over 18 churches and synagogues in our community. Prince of Peace Catholic Church is proud to have been one of the founding sponsors of Family Renew Community.

If you would like to volunteer your time and talent to Family Renew Community, or would like any further information, please call 239-0861. If you would like to donate merchandise to our thrift store, The Secret Attic operated by family renew Community, donations are always welcome. You may call 
 386-615-3837  for further information.

You are encouraged to support Family Renew Community. Together, we are families helping families.


Where Are We Located?  

Main Office 
810 Ridgewood Avenue, Holly Hill, FL 32117 
Phone (386) 239-0861 | Fax (386) 239-8626. 
Claris T. Mac’Kie | Executive Director |  claris@familyrenew.org 
Sherry Morrison | Program Management Supervisor |  sherry@familyrenew.org 
Dolores Gallo | Accountant |  dody@familyrenew.org 

Barbara Steadman | Administrative Assistant |  barbara@familyrenew.org 
Holly Hill Residential Campus 
Single and Two-Parent Campus 
Anita Dudley | Program Manager    
810 Ridgewood Avenue, Holly Hill, FL 32117 
Phone (386) 252-0711 | Fax (386) 252-0596 
Email:  Anita@FamilyRenew.org 
Fourteen one-bedroom apartments for homeless single mothers, single fathers and two-parent families with children. 
Daytona Beach Residential Campus 
Single Mother Campus 
Laurie Archer-Dugo | Program Manager 
105 South Street, Daytona Beach, FL 32114 
Phone (386) 258-5993 | Fax (386) 323-0760 
Email:  Laurie@FamilyRenew.org 
Ten one-bedroom and one two-bedroom apartments for homeless single mothers with children. 
DeLand Residential Campus 
Single and Two-Parent Campus 
Linda Bennett | Program Manager 
259 W. Voorhis Avenue, DeLand, FL 32720 
Phone (386) 736-0500 | Fax (386) 736-8128 
Four one-bedroom and three two-bedroom apartments for homeless single mothers, single fathers and two-parent families with children. 
Family Renew Community Store “The Secret Attic” 
32 N. Ocean Shore Blvd. 
Ormond Beach, FL 
Phone:  386-615-3837 
Administrative Offices 
Family Renew Community, Inc. 
810 Ridgewood Avenue 
Holly Hill, FL 32117 
Claris Mac’Kie, Executive Director