If you have been coming to Mass for awhile but are not Catholic ...
     ~  we invite you to take a deeper look into the Catholic faith.

If you are already Catholic and have not yet completed your sacraments of initiation (First Communion or Confirmation,) ...
     ~  we invite you to join us and see what steps you need to continue your journey to the Lord.
If you are longing for a place to call home ...
     ~  we invite you to come home to our Catholic family, founded by Jesus Christ.   

Here you will find the peace and comfort, healing and mercy, and the hope and love that come from God and His Catholic Church.

Come meet some faithful Catholics, in a warm and welcoming environment, who love the Lord and would consider it a privilege to get to know you. Read on for more information about RCIA and see the schedule to the right for meeting dates and times.

Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA):
A Year-Round Program at Prince of Peace

RCIA is an ongoing, year-round process. If you are interested in becoming a Catholic, we welcome you and want to speak with you. Please stop by the Church office or call
672-5272 or email Deacon Bruce at DeaconBruce@PrinceofPeaceOrmond.com (please see bulletin for meeting dates and times).  

For all of us at Prince of Peace, we pray for those who are sharing this journey of faith in our midst. RCIA is meant to bring all parishioners to a deeper sense of what conversion means and emphasizes the Church's identity as a community of faith and the people of God. It is our parish mission.

One of the most significant ways Catholics today can be evangelizers is to become involved in the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA). It brings adults into full communion with the Catholic faith. RCIA is a progressive journey of faith and an experience of conversion for the searcher and our entire community. RCIA is a parish's call to conversion, true evangelization in action through witnessing, praying together, studying Scripture, sharing liturgy and fellowship.

If you are a Catholic and want to help with the program, we want you! 
Please also call the church office or email Deacon Bruce at DeaconBruce@PrinceofPeaceOrmond.com.

Check out the video explaining what R.C.I.A is and how to go about becoming Catholic: