Parents of Youth

For the Parents of our Youth


Every teenager is facing decisions, struggles and temptations towards disordered things in this world. And we as Parents are often feeling unequipped to help them and journey with them in whatever is going on in their life.
We think perhaps we are too old, too out of touch or not holy enough to give good wisdom and guidance to them. The truth is God made you good enough when He gave you charge over this child of God! He knows you CAN do this and we have this series to help you learn how!
Each of these nights will cover a topic that is hard to discuss with teenagers. We will have local experts and pastoral leaders to pray with parents, give guidance to them about reaching their teens, and supply them with all the practical tools they can to help parents be successful in raising holy and happy children.
Topics to be discussed:
- How to Handle Suffering/Sickness/Death of a Loved One
- Sexuality and How to Date Well/Holy
- Raising Children Who Love Mass and Prayer
- How to Cope with and Seek Help with Depression or Anxiety
Location: Fr. Lopez Catholic High School Chapel.
This Event will also be Live Streamed/Recorded for those who cannot join us In Person but would be interested in viewing elsewhere.
Hosted by: Prince of Peace Catholic Church, Youth Ministry.
If you would like to formerly request a topic for discussion, we ask that you submit it to [email protected]


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